2021 Trips Update

Dear MBCA members,

The MBCA German Trips have long been part of the Club's rich history and we plan to continue offering this first-class planned vacation. As everyone may know, past National President Jim O'Sullivan has been the Trip Leiter for more than two decades. The Club is forever grateful to Jim for creating and serving on these trips that provide members with life-time memories and experience, and he'll be handing the over leadership during 2021 to new Trip Leiters Chuck Stanford and Cliff Reyle.

Because of continuing COVID-related travel restrictions in Europe, and particularly in Germany, our ability to plan and schedule tours next year is still uncertain and will remain fluid. Currently, Daimler customer events are not accepting tours, and we may not have details or be able to confirm travel dates until March 2021, or later.

We are still hopeful for 2021 German Trips in the summer and fall, and will be sure to share timely updates as soon as we have valid information to share in the New Year. We hope you will watch your e-mail for notices regarding these future updates.

MBCA German Trip Committee