The Membership Committee of The Mercedes Benz Club of America – Purpose Statement.

The Mercedes Benz Club of America’s Membership Committee’s purpose is to enhance membership experience, promote diversity, and increase membership and retention. 

Remember when you first took the wheel of your Mercedes-Benz? You crossed the threshold of a new driving experience. It changed how you approached driving altogether. The Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) is here to help you continue making the most of your Mercedes-Benz experience.

We invite you to join MBCA and explore your passion for all things Mercedes-Benz. With nearly 15,000 members and 85 sections throughout North America, MBCA brings together drivers and friends for casual and competitive events, and offers special access to technical experts for questions about both vintage and new Mercedes-Benz models. In addition, MBCA offers a unique, members-only online community with access to information, event announcements, and resources to enrich your Mercedes-Benz ownership keeping you connected with other enthusiasts.

Whether you want to drive, learn more about your car, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of other Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts, MBCA is your ticket.