Concours Judged Classes



The granddaddy of them all is the Show Classification of cars. These are cars that are 25 years old or older. They can be trailered to the event without any deductions. By definition, many are rarely driven so they must be thoroughly vetted by the judging team. This means all operating systems are evaluated. They are entirely 100% judged, including the undercarriage. The criteria for authenticity is the cars must be shown as delivered, i.e. either all USA specs or all foreign specs. The highest scoring car in this class is usually always the best of show award winner for the entire concours. These cars can attain a maximum of 100 points.


The Street Class is our most popular classification. As the name implies these cars are street driven, and should not be trailered to the event. There is no age limit for cars entered in this class. The car is completely judged with the exception of the undercarriage. The same judging criteria exists as in the Show class with the caveat being a street driven car can have some concessions made for safety items that have been installed. The maximum score can be 100 points. In this class there are extra points awarded for mileage and age. Up to four points are given for a 20 year old car and up to four points are awarded for 200,000 miles. The points are awarded in the case of mileage out to three significant digits, so we never have a tie score.


The last classification is the Touring Class. This is differentiated from the street class by not having the engine compartment judged, As many of us know, the engine bay is where many of the cars lose points readily as repairs and replacement of parts are not carried out strictly to original and the engine compartment is rarely cleaned for shows. These cars can only attain a score of 92 points thereby making them ineligible for “Best of Street” award. This class was created to encourage first time concours entrants the opportunity to have their car judged in the show without going to the extreme of detailing their engine compartments.

To download event forms, visit the Enthusiast Resources section. All of these forms may be used at all MBCA sanctioned shows.