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Top Down Car Show and Concours at Halycon at the Mercedes-Benz Experience Center

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Even though only 36 new Mercedes-Benz were registered in the U.S. in 1952, enthusiasts in Illinois began to talk of forming a club for Mercedes-Benz owners.

Several people had already joined the British Mercedes-Benz Club. In 1955 Daimler-Benz was contacted and permission was granted to use the name and trademark. A group from Chicago applied to London to split from the parent club and form a separate organization.

The Mercedes-Benz Club was established and chartered in 1956 and formally adopted the name “Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc.” Peachtree Section was granted its’ Charter in late 1978. It all started with an impromptu meeting of nine 190SL owners in a Sears parking lot in September of 1978 and by the first charter meeting on February 17, 1979 there were 40 members of the newly formed Peachtree Section thanks to founder Jim Partain’s perseverance. The Peachtree Section serves a large majority of Georgia including the Atlanta metro area, northern Georgia and Augusta.

Peachtree Section offers many events a year which include specialized technical sessions, driving events, and friendly social gatherings. The newsletter “Stars in Georgia” is published six times a year to all Peachtree members advising them of upcoming events.