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The North Texas Section of the Mercedes Benz Club of America (MBCA) is dedicated to enhancing the ownership experience of the finest automobiles in the world.  We engage in a variety of activities throughout the year that hopefully appeal to a broad section of our membership.
Currently our membership totals almost 900 members who are committed to furthering their experience and enjoyment of their cars.  Whether you’re a gear head, performance driver, rally enthusiast, cultural maven and social mingler, the MBCA North Texas Section has an upcoming event for you.  Check out the Events tab to see what’s coming up during the year and for details on events that are just over the horizon.

Section President
Ron Seifert
Section Vice President
Marie Bird
Section Treasurer
Virginia Brewer
Section Secretary
Carolee Seifert
Section Newsletter
Brett Jurick
Section Board Members
Tom Strohm, Gene Jurick
Section Webmaster
Brett Jurick