Technical Articles

The MBCA Technical Committee contributes articles to the Star magazine and directly online...

With today’s advances in combustion technology, which engine type is right for you?
I decided I was going to restore the suspension by installing the original restoration from my parts car under my W112 restoration project. This got the body and chassis back up off the ground, making it easier to roll around during body and paintwork and allowed me to completely restore the original suspension from the W112.
Interior wood is an important part of a Mercedes-Benz personality. This article discusses its structure, care and maintenance, and restoration processes
Factors to be considered when deciding whether to do your own body and paint work and how to go about selecting a shop.
Beyond Mercedes-Benz cars, I like tools. I’m a DIY guy, and when I was asked to contribute a series of technical articles for The Star, we agreed that it would be a good idea to start by describing the basic set of tools that a shade-tree mechanic should have in his garage. I have an opinion on a lot of things and sometimes, I’m even right.
With 50 years of paint, road grime, and bad bodywork removed from my project car, it was ready for structural body work. Unless the restorer has solid experience, this can be done by a good body shop with experience on Mercedes-Benz cars.
We don’t know whether a car that can truly drive itself will ever be part of our future; what we do know is that the pursuit of the goal by Mercedes-Benz is already providing significant benefits in driver convenience and occupant safety.
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