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The MBCA Technical Committee contributes articles to the Star magazine and directly online...

For those of us with the means but not lots of leisure time, buying a classic Mercedes-Benz at auction can seem like a great way to satisfy our desire for ownership without going through the time and trouble of restoration. But then it needs to be sorted out.
Sorting Out the Upholstery, Carpeting & Steering Wheel on the restoration project.
How many cylinders should an engine have and how should they be arranged. The answer depends on goals and means.
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the 190SL (1955-1963), an elegant and sporty two-seat GT long overshadowed by the very different 300SL. Enthusiasts have come to recognize the 190SL as a stylish and drivable classic in its own right.
There are many alternative compact cameras on the market today, using new technology and innovations unavailable even five years ago. I’ve selected three cameras at different prices that colleagues agree are excellent choices. Each of these three cameras will easily fit into a jacket pocket and ever the least expensive of them offers a distinct advantage in image quality over a smartphone.
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