Technical Articles

The MBCA Technical Committee contributes articles to the Star magazine and directly online...

In trying to fix a broken shift control lever mechanism, I learned some broader technical lessons.
Our recent experience navigating English streets, roads and highways in a 2017 CLS250D Shooting Brake, with assistance from the onboard GPS-based navigation system, was quite a learning experience.
What do you do if you acquire an older Mercedes-Benz as an inheritance or gift? Deciding on the best course of action is driven both by economic considerations and emotional feelings.
Throughout the history of the Mercedes-Benz company, automotive development has been driven by innovation to make driving safer. While American manufacturers offered automatic transmissions, air-conditioning systems and power seats decades before the Stuttgart brand, it was Mercedes that pioneered crumple zones, anti-lock braking systems and airbags.
How urgent are the messages on your instrument cluster or center console? Do you know what these warnings mean and how to respond?
I like tools. What DIY person doesn’t just love that new tool smell? If you give your favorite DIY person a tool that saves them an hour or even a day, isn’t that a bit like giving them a gift of free time? Some stand head and shoulders above the rest and here are a few of them.
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