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Aftermarket wheel finishes, Gremlins in the gauges, Battery discharging issue, Types of automotive paints.
Based on recent announcements in the automotive press, Daimler AG seems to be developing a new family of engines to meet expected emissions and fuel-economic regulations, improved performance from smaller engines, and reduction of production costs.
Battery Failures, Grades of Gasoline, and Check Engine Light
We weren’t able to cover the whole range of ignition systems available for classic Mercedes Benz vehicles in our May-June 2017 issue. Two of our readers took the time to write in with detailed descriptions of both a system used during the transition from points-based to an electronic system and an interesting alternative to installing a modern aftermarket system.
For the classic-car enthusiast, the websites that advertise collectible cars for sale –,, and many others – have become the best online use of leisure time since the creation of Angry Birds and Candy Crush. We can play the mind game of “What would I buy?” without an investment of anything more than some spare time.
Here, in the latest segment of an occasional series, Fred and Elisabeth Smits share highlights of their journey from Mexico through Central and South America, with excursions to Cuba, the Galápagos Islands and Antarctica.
Traditional points-based ignition systems are found in many old classic cars. As discussed in recent articles, aftermarket companies now make replacement electronics-based ignition systems. Both systems have pros and cons.
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