Technical Articles

The MBCA Technical Committee contributes articles to the Star magazine and directly online...

While the W123 is an excellent, easy to find and affordable example of the newer classics, the coupe is much rarer and this young enthusiast thinks is much more desirable.
Tech Q & A for January-February 2017 explores transmission, fuel-filling radio and steering noise issues.
Points and condensor systems on pre-1975 transistorized ignition systems are very trouble-prone, but can be easily and inexpensively replaced with a Pertonix conversion kit.
Produced in much smaller numbers than the U.S. version, this pretty European R107 280SL roadster is both rare and a great value. Part of a continuing series about desirable and affordable classics.
A leak in my heater core soaked floorboards and carpets with coolant, and repair was more complicated than I would have imagined.
Repairing a non-working top on a 2002 CLK convertible may be very easy, but is never very hard if you have the right parts.
Technical Questions and Answers for September-October 2016 include Electronic issues, battery issues, and coincidental but unrelated problems.