Problems with E320 BlueTec

Problems with E320 BlueTec

Purchased my car new in 2007.  I love this car: however, in the past year I have had some very expensive
problems.  Bear in mind, that I have always used the dealership for all services as required.
At 60,000 miles, had the transmission replaced; at 69,000 miles, had the inlet port shutoff motor
and linkage replaced (8/15.2012).  Right now, it is in the shop having the manifold replaced due to
carbon deposits.
Each time the symptom was the same:  From a stop, car will only accelerate to 15-20 mph.
If I turn off motor and re-start, it will drive fine.  Tech says it is not the CTU.

Help!!  This is sad.

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You are not alone.  My wife had a 2009 ML Bluetec.  I was initially concerned about whether my wife would embrace owning a diesel, but she really grew to like it.  We loved everything about this car, but the issues got so untenable, we had to get rid of it.  Right at 100K miles, it spent about a month in the shop while they tried to remove the carbon.  My independent shop told me it would probably need the same in another 100K.  Then we began to experience the issue you described.  The VERY abbreviated version:  it is a boost problem, and the engine defaults to "limp-home" mode.  I chased the issued on our ML to the tune of a little over a year and $8K, and finally threw in the towel.  I was told my local M-B dealer had seen this issue on 4 Bluetec's; a new turbo finally fixed two of them, and the other two required a short block.  The sad (and maddening) part of this is that Mercedes-Benz is well aware of this problem.  THEY should be the ones fixing it.  Wander around the internet and you will find a multitude of blogs concerning this issue, and Mercedes-Benz' steadfast refusal to acknowledge that it is systemic.  There's a great article by a guy who claims to have nearly 50 years experience working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  In it, he describes a work-around, but he is quick to caveat his article with the fact that his "fix" will absolutely void your warranty.  It is such a shame that otherwise great vehicles have this inherent flaw, and the company pretends it just isn't there.

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a nice article I found:


ie. there's bad wear on the engine b/c of the oil prescribed and intervals for changing it. Ive gone to the 5000 mile or 6 month interval, whichever comes first. Only high quality oil and looking into different weights than MB recommends b/c im in southern climate. Doesnt directly fix the Bluetec issue though, but can lessen the wear on the engine.

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