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Issue: Vol. 63 | Issue No. 5
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StarReport: Racing Legends at Goodwood Steve Osmond Sept/Oct 2018 12
Letters:  Didn't call or write, messing with the old guys, Apple-only? Various Sept/Oct 2018 16
StarReport: 2019 A-Class Sedan Robson, Graham Sept/Oct 2018 18
StarReport: Honor Roll 2017 Star Magazine awards Anderson, Gary Sept/Oct 2018 20
StarReport:Dream Drive re-opening of California Highway 1 Anderson, Gary Sept/Oct 2018 22
StarReport: Readying a Cayman rival Anderson, Gary Sept/Oct 2018 24
StarReport: AMG GT3/GT4 Racing Anderson, Gary Sept/Oct 2018 26
Inside Line: The Turning Point in the F1 Season Strang, Simon Sept/Oct 2018 32
Passion: My Mystery Machine – a 1913 Benz W5 8/20 Hoegl, Michael with Karl Ludvigsen Sept/Oct 2018 34
Pride: Mid-Market Masterpiece – 1936 290 Cabriolet A Weiss, Aaron; Images David Gooley Sept/Oct 2018 42
Heritage: A Winter's Tale – 1960 Monte Carlo Rally Robson, Graham Sept/Oct 2018 48
Passion: High Roller: A pristine, one-owner 1978 M-B 240D Arya, Sid Sept/Oct 2018 52
Heritage Technology: Mastering Fuel Injection Ludvigsen, Karl with Daimler Archives Sept/Oct 2018 58
Buyers Guide: R129 SL Model Range – 1989-2002 Brian Clifton, Bud Cloninger, Daniel Stahl Sept/Oct 2018 66
Old & New: Auction Report: Current Sales from Nonnenberg, Randy Sept/Oct 2018 70
Tech Q&A: Star TekInfo, run-flats, Fuel concerns in Australia Simonds, Richard Sept/Oct 2018 72
Star Struck: Sandhills, North Carolina, Motoring Festival Wilson, Vicki: Images Tom Reedy Sept/Oct 2018 75
Exec Director: Setting the Bar High/ National Election Announcement Regennitter, Mike  Sept/Oct 2018 78
National News: MBCA 2018 Spring Board Meeting Minutes Roberts, James E. Sept/Oct 2018 80
Feature Event: June Jamboree Gary Anderson, Frank Moriano Sept/Oct 2018 82
StarTurn: Two Men and a Car Furla, Alex & Kypson, Alan Sept/Oct 2018 84
StarTurn: Custom Charmer – my lightly modified 1973 300SEL  Royster, James Sept/Oct 2018 86
Section Events: Club Outings and Gatherings Anderson, Genie with Various Sept/Oct 2018 88
StarryEyed: Detail of 1936 290 Cabriolet A Daimler Archives/Stephan McKeown Sept/Oct 2018 112
Issue: Vol. 63 | Issue No. 4
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Title Month Index Entry Year Page
Artifact: 1955 Farewell to Mercedes-Benz motorsport department McKeown, Stephan Jul/Aug 2018 8
President's Message: The Road to Success Jurick, Gene Jul/Aug 2018 10
Behind the Star: Get Outside Your Comfort Zone Anderson, Gary Jul/Aug 2018 12
StarReport: E-Class Family Enhanced MBUSA Jul/Aug 2018 14
Letters: Model changes, Diesel wagons, LA Attractions, Star 1959 Various Jul/Aug 2018 16
StarReport: 2019 AMG E53 Sedan & Coupe Robson, Graham Jul/Aug 2018 18
StarReport: 2019 AMG GT S Roadster Anderson, Gary Jul/Aug 2018 20
StarReport: Ultra Lux Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV Anderson, Gary Jul/Aug 2018 22
StarReport: Virtual Reality Owners Manuals on your iphone Anderson, Gary Jul/Aug 2018 24
StarReport: Mercedes-Benz Collection Cars by the Month Anderson, Gary Jul/Aug 2018 26
StarReport: Ownership is Optional -- Cars by Subscription Anderson, Gary Jul/Aug 2018 28
StarReport: GT3s and GT4s at IMSA Season Midpoint Anderson, Gary Jul/Aug 2018 30
Inside Line: State of Play in a challenginf F1 Season Strang, Simon Jul/Aug 2018 32
Pride: Multitalented – Behind the wheels of the new Sprinter Vans Catton, Axel Jul/Aug 2018 36
Passion: Alabama Byways – Scenic StarFest rally roads in GLS450 Anderson, Gary Jul/Aug 2018 42
Heritage: Where Benzes are Built – Part V: MBUSI Vance, Alabama Robson, Graham Jul/Aug 2018 48
Pride: Interview with Jason Hoff, CEO of MBUSI Vance. Robson, Graham Jul/Aug 2018 53
Buyers Guide: 1961-1971 W111 & W112 Coupes and Cabriolets Anderson, Gary with Simonds & Stahl Jul/Aug 2018 54
Old & New: Auction Report: Current Sales from Nonnenberg, Randy Jul/Aug 2018 60
Old & New:Overhauling Abel, Rebuilding the rear end of 1957 220 Elisabeth & Fred Smits Jul/Aug 2018 62
Old & New: Tech How-To: Installing electric Fuel Pump in 1950s M-B Simonds, Richard Jul/Aug 2018 70
Tech Q&A: Star TekInfo, run-flats, Fuel concerns in Australia Simonds, Richard Jul/Aug 2018 72
Star Struck: StarFest 2018 – An event for the record books May 15-22 Anderson, Gary, Peter Emslander, Rick Seifert Jul/Aug 2018 75
Exec Director: Tours, Concours and Track events, Oh my! Regennitter, Mike Jul/Aug 2018 84
Section Events: Club Outings and Gatherings Anderson, Genie with Various Jul/Aug 2018 86
Featured Dealer: Mercedes-Benz of Jackson, Mississippi Scott Boone, Daniel Hughes, Mike Marsh Jul/Aug 2018 94