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Issue: Vol. 65 | Issue No. 5
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Title Month Index Entry Year Page
ArtiFact: 1950s Sales Brochures Stephan McKeown Sept/Oct 2020 4
At the Wheel: Share Good Fortune Julie Bruggner Sept/Oct 2020 6
Top Dead Center: We Must Adapt Jeff Zurschmeide Sept/Oct 2020 8
StarReport: E63 S Sedan & Wagon Star Staff & MBUSA Media Sept/Oct 2020 10
StarReport: All-new GLA Star Staff & MBUSA Media Sept/Oct 2020 12
StarReport: AMG GT Black Series Star Staff & MBUSA Media Sept/Oct 2020 14
StarTalk: Your Letters Various Sept/Oct 2020 16
Noted: A Promising Start Matthew Nenninger Sept/Oct 2020 17
StarReport: First Drive GLC 43 Coupe Jeff Zurschmeide & MBUSA Media Sept/Oct 2020 18
StarReport: Banishing Turbo Lag Star Staff & MBUSA Media Sept/Oct 2020 20
StarReview: Guide to R107 SL/SLC Jeff Zurschmeide & Auto Forever Sept/Oct 2020 22
Inside Line: Formula 1 Report Simon Strang Sept/Oct 2020 24
Ruby: Wendy & Scott Patterson's beloved 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Stations Wagon Wendy & Scott Patterson, Gary Anderson, Owen Corrigan Sept/Oct 2020 30
The Lost Supercar - The sensational vanished Mercedes 79-200 hp Karl Ludvigsen, Ludvigsen Partners, Daimler Archives Sept/Oct 2020 36
Dedicated to the Unique - Pittsburgh Section members showcase rare and unusual vehicles SUSAN GRUNEWALD, FRANCO FRATANGELO Sept/Oct 2020 42
Great Day for a Great Car • Part 5 - The 1961 300SE Fintail and the fi rst Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission GRAHAM ROBSON, DAIMLER ARCHIVES Sept/Oct 2020 48
Buyers Guide: Timeless Beauty - The W123 Range • 1975-1985 RUBIN HOWARD, DANIEL STAHL, DAIMLER ARCHIVES Sept/Oct 2020 54
At the Helm: History of the Steering Wheel at Mercedes-Benz STAR STAFF, DAIMLER ARCHIVES, DAIMLER GLOBAL MEDIA Sept/Oct 2020 58
Tech Basics: Upgrading Reliability for Summer Road Trips RUBIN HOWARD, Daimler Archives Sept/Oct 2020 64
Auction Spotlight: Market Results for Notable Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Gooding & Company and Bringatrailer Sept/Oct 2020 66
StarStruck: The Golden Hour – MBCA Virtual Car Show Meg Lea, Show Participants Sept/Oct 2020 69
Your Club: We’re Still Here Mike Regennitter Sept/Oct 2020 74
Gary Anderson: An Appreciation Jeff Zurschmeide, Richard Simonds, Gary Anderson Sept/Oct 2020 76
StarTurn: Jim Hendershot’s 450 SEL 6.9 Gary Anderson, Jim Hendershot Sept/Oct 2020 80
Issue: Vol. 65 | Issue No. 4
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Title Month Index Entry Year Page
Artifact: Start of 300SL No. 722 at 1955 Mille Miglia McKeown, Stephan Jul/Aug 2020 4
President's Message: Looking towards our Future Bruggner, Julie Jul/Aug 2020 6
Behind the Star: Good-bye … and Hello Anderson, Gary , Zurschmeide, Jeff Jul/Aug 2020 8
StarReport:2021 E-Class Coupe & Cabriolet Mercedes Motorsports Jul/Aug 2020 10
StarReport:2021 E-Class Cabriolet Technology Boosts Comfort Jeff Zurschmeide Jul/Aug 2020 12
StarReport: Enhanced – 2021 E-Class gains safety & convenience Daimler Global Media Jul/Aug 2020 14
Letters: Amelia Cars and Coffee, Cars of Old, COVID-19 car delivery Various Jul/Aug 2020 16
Noted: Living History, / Contributors to this issue Dave Waters Jul/Aug 2020 17
StarReport: First Drive – M-B A220 4Matic Mercedes-AMG Media Jul/Aug 2020 18
StarReport: MBUSA Concours de Zoom Gary Anderson, images MBUSA Media Jul/Aug 2020 20
StarReport: Charging into the Future Gary Anderson Jul/Aug 2020 22
Inside Line – F1 Report: Back to the Future – What now, F1 Strang, Simon Jul/Aug 2020 24
Pride: Chariot of Fire – 1966 300SE Cabriolet with 1973 M100 engine Gary Anderson, Images Terry Price Jul/Aug 2020 28
Passion: The Sound of Silence in San Francisco with a 1992 300SL Article and images Roy Spencer Jul/Aug 2020 36
Pride: Buried Treasure – 1979 280TE may be ultimate barn find Article Bill Morris, Images Sean Johnstun Jul/Aug 2020 42
Passion: Blue's Byways – Great roads, less traveled Gary Anderson, Images Blue Nelson Jul/Aug 2020 50
Heritage: Sir Stirling Moss, 1929-2020; Affectionate portrait Graham Robson Jul/Aug 2020 58
Buyers Guide: Appreciating Asset; W116 Sedans 1973-1980 Simonds, Richard, Daniel Stahl Jul/Aug 2020 66
Emerging Classics: 1975 M-B W114 280C Gary Anderson with Howard Chapman Jul/Aug 2020 70
Tech Report: Key Knowledge, history of M-B electronic Keys Richard Simonds Jul/Aug 2020 74
Auction Report: Current Sales from online auctions Jeff Zurschmeide Jul/Aug 2020 76
Tech Q&A: Airbag recall, Battery tire life, keeping batteries charged Simonds, Richard Jul/Aug 2020 80
Star Struck: MBCA Virtual Car Show won by 1967 250SE Coupe Article Meg Lea, Andrew Opicka Jul/Aug 2020 81
Executive Director: Member Rebate / MBCA Social Media Committee Regennitter, Mike Jul/Aug 2020 84
National News: Minutes of 2020 Spring Board Meeting Cliff Reyle Jul/Aug 2020 86
StarTurn: Bob Gunthorp's trio of extended wheelbase vehicles Robert Gunthorp Jul/Aug 2020 88