Raffle Rules

Raffle Rules

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older and a current Member of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) to purchase tickets. You must be a current Member at the time of the drawing to be eligible to win.
  2. Credit and debit cards accepted. U.S. Members only may pay by check/money order in U.S. funds. Checks must be exclusively for the payment of the ticket(s) and not include other purchases or renewal payments. International (non-U.S.) purchases must be paid by credit or debit card only.
  3. This offer is void where prohibited by law.
  4. An Official Order form, or copy thereof, must be used to purchase tickets when ordering by mail.  Order forms have been mailed to all members and are also available upon request from the National Business Office (NBO) or at www.mbca.org.  Mail order form requests to: Raffle, 1907 Lelaray Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80909.
  5. Ticket orders must be received no later than June 5, 2019. Ticket orders and checks arriving after June 5, 2019, will be returned to sender.
  6. All ticket sales are final at the time of purchase.  There are no refunds.
  7. Tickets will only be issued in the name of the Primary Member listed in the MBCA membership files and does not include Associate Members.  Prizes will be awarded on the same basis.  Winning tickets cannot be assigned, transferred or sold. Membership must be current at the time of the drawing.
  8. Grand Prize winner's ticket stub will be drawn from one drum which includes all ticket stubs.  Each stub has an equal chance of being drawn.
  9. Paid staff, contractors of MBCA and The Star® magazine, their immediate families and household members may not participate in the Raffle.
  10. Odds of winning will be based on the number of tickets sold.
  11. Grand Prize winner must complete a form from the NBO and return it within 45 days of the mailing of written notification of winning, or the prize is forfeited.
  12. The drawing will be held and certified at 444 Church Street, Flint, MI 48502 at 10:30 a.m. EDT on June, 13, 2019.  Any MBCA member may attend the drawing; attendance is not required to win.  Results will be posted at www.mbca.org.
  13. The raffle is sponsored by MBCA, International Stars Section and ticket requests are subject to its acceptance.  This Raffle is licensed under the laws of the State of Michigan. License Number R52158.
  14. A minimum of 5,450 tickets MUST BE SOLD to award the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize of $136,500 US will be awarded in the form of a check in the amount of $102,375. Winner must select and submit name of US Dealership to the National Business Office within 45 days of the prize notification. The Grand Prize winner will be notified by phone. If fewer than 5,450 tickets are sold, the Grand Prize will be one-half (50%) of the gross Raffle ticket sales less Federal withholdings of 25%, or at least $5,000 (less withholding)-whichever is greater.

    If the winner is a Michigan resident there will be an additional withholding of 4.25%.

  15. Grand Prize winner will select the vehicle of their choice at the US Dealership designated (see rule #14). Any expenses incurred to take possession of the vehicle, which exceeds the Grand Prize payment check awarded to the Dealer, will be the sole responsibility of the Grand Prize winner.

    The winner will be responsible for all licensing, registration, taxes, fees, duties, insurance and other costs as well as transportation to and from the Dealership.

  16. The withholding deposited on behalf of the winner may not be all of the taxes owed depending upon the winner's tax bracket. The gross amount of the Grand Prize will be added to the winner's income for the tax year of 2019.
  17. If fewer than 5,450 Raffle tickets are sold, MBCA will substitute one-half (50%) of the gross sales revenue, from the entries sold as of the time of the entry deadline as the Prize, in lieu of the Grand Prize (see Rule #14).
  18. Acceptance of a prize constitutes permission for MBCA to use the winner’s name, Section affiliation, likeness and photograph in any MBCA publicity worldwide in all media including the Internet without additional compensation.
  19. By participating in the Raffle, participants agree to be bound by these Official Rules.

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