Alabama/NW Florida 2021 Christmas Party

Alabama/NW Florida 2021 Christmas Party

Alabama-NW Florida
Saturday, December 11, 2021 -
12:00pm to 2:30pm

The Alabama-NW Florida Section held it's 2021 Christmas Luncheon December 11, 2021.

Thirty members attended this special event, friendships rekindled and many made new. Following a wonderful dinner, and a Holiday Toast by Section President Jim Sparacio, member awards were presented.

Two members, Heinz Neunzig, and Mason Beale were presented with MBCA 20-year membership pins.

Congratulations to Dr James Roberts, The Alabama-NW Florida Section’s “2021 Member of the Year”.  President Jim Sparacio presented this award. Dr Roberts has been the force that has kept our section together these past two years of Covid-19 pandemic.  Jim has tirelessly arranged and in many cases lead monthly drives and events of the Section. Which is no mean feat considering the area our section encompasses, all of Alabama and the Florida panhandle to and including Tallahassee. Jim supervised each event in proper method in prevention of Covid-19 transmission and infection.    Dr Robert’s other duties include “Membership Chairman” for the Section, and Jim is a “Director at Large” of the Mercedes Benz Club of America. As Director at Large Dr Roberts has arranged, supervised, and attended national events.

Many Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Birmingham, provided very nice gifts for the Days drawing.