Frazier Park Loop

Frazier Park Loop

Los Angeles
Saturday, June 26, 2021 -
10:00am to 4:15pm


                                  Frazier Park Loop

Date:                      Saturday June 26th  2021   

Organizer:             Brigitte Trapp     818-808-3956       [email protected]

Meeting Location:        Jack in the Box  73 Frazier Mountain Park Rd, Lebec, CA 93243

Meeting Time:              10:00 AM       Departure Time 10:30 AM

Bring snacks,  yes we will keep social distancing.

Event information / Description:  Mountains - Rolling Hills - open Roads

A Beautiful 3:00 Hr. Drive starting and ending in Frazier Park. The first part of the route will take us thru winding roads to high elevations, then some straight scenic sections and back thru Frazier Park to return

to our starting point. Possible stops: No host Lunch in Cuyama, Abandoned Rancho Asies mi Tierra, Pistachio Farm. 




What a great day, thank you everyone for addending todays Frazier Park Loop Event. The pictures are not doing justice of the beauty and all the different scenery we captured on this event and our lunch at Cuyama Buckhorn was fantastic also was our visit of Santa Barbara Pistachio Company. Hope to see you all soon on upcoming events.