KC Bier Biergarten

Sunday, June 7, 2020 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm
KC Bier Co.
KC Bier, 310 W. 79th St.
Kansas City
Rich Carlson
(913) 269-5071

An outdoor biergarten on a June afternoon! Okay it's not Munich but it's a lot shorter (and drier) drive. The Waldo Trolley Track Trial takes on a distinct Bavarian twist at 79th Street at KC Bier with fresh, local, German-style lagers and ales on tap. At the outdoor biergarten you can bring your own food or have a pizza delivered, or you can order something more authentically German at the bierhalle next door. There are about ten German-style beers on tap at all times, with seasonal rotations. Be sure to check out the KC Bier website to see the German food available in the bierhalle before you bring a baloney sandwich or order a pizza. Have a growler? Bring it with for a filling or join the Growler Club.

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