Madison Hills Drive to Dine

Madison Hills Drive to Dine

Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 10:00am

Madison Hills Tour

  • 50 mile scenic drive through the far eastern edge of the Driftless Area - West Madison Menards to Blue Mounds and return to lunch at R. P Adlers Bar & Grill, Madison. The starting point and end point of the drive were approximately ¼ miles apart.

  • 10 cars out with 10 cars returning (I didn’t lose anyone!)

  • Lunch at R. P. Adler’s Bar & Grill, Madison


  • Nancy and Dick Kusch

  • Bruce and Deb Hamilton

  • Dean and Nancy Pearson

  • Scott and Coleen Lowry

  • John Ledbury

  • Ghassan Majdalani

  • Karl and Marcia Schneider

  • Dave Before and Terry Wesenberg

  • Dick and Karen Dierksmeier

  • Ed and Jill Blomstrom

The day was perfect with mid-day temperatures around 80 degrees. My wife Nancy and I were the lead car and as soon as we cleared the 1st roundabout on W. Mineral Point Rd; I knew I was in a small predicament, when we were greeted with a construction detour enroute to the 1st major direction change at Pine Bluff.

After leading the group on the detour, getting a bit frustrated at taking a bad turn down a dead end . . . I figured why not press on regardless (anyone remember the SCCA POR Rally in the U.P. in the 1970’s?) and ignore the barricades and proceed to Pine Bluff via Mineral Point Rd as originally planned. I could visually see the Pine Bluff intersection from our viewpoint on Mineral Point Rd. As luck would have it, the majority of the culvert work had already been completed, except for a 10’ section of gravel. We weaved around barricades for a couple of miles and made it to Pine Bluff and we were ready to start my course of narrow road twisties and tree canopied shadows.

Incidentally, Pine Bluff is the starting point for The Slimy Crud Run, which is a bi-annual motorcycle cafe racer event in southern Wisconsin, that uses the hilly, curvy farm roads that we drove. Their loosely organized events usually have 1,000 to 3,000 machines show up and I have participated in the past as a member of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Madison with my very German BMW K bike. There is also an annual bicycle event called The Horribly Hilly Hundred that gets a bit of attention in the region.

Back to the D2D . . . My next slight boondoggle for the group was coming across extremely fresh asphalt work going on at the intersection of Vermont Church Rd and Dane County JJ. It’s really hard to remember that in May when we planned the route; there were about 4 or 5 graveled roadway cuts on JJ for cross-roadway culvert installation. As a result of me not driving the route the day before; all 10 cars were able to “christen” this new asphalt, which was was still being rolled as we drove through, happily waving to the equipment operators. Lucky the route was going south; as going north would have meant fresh oil and i would still be detailing everyone's cars.

After another missed turn in a construction zone near University Ridge Golf Course near Verona and the group reassembled at R. P. Adler’s Bar and Grill. By all accounts the food met everyone's tastes. The group drew names for two $50 gas cards. The lucky winners were Dean Pearson and Scott Lowry. I’ll see if I can find some more unusual road work for my next D2D!


Dick Kusch


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