Starting the third lap

Mike Regennitter
Welcome to 2017, which marks my third year serving the Mercedes-Benz Club of America as Executive Director.

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Mike Regennitter, Executive Director


Welcome to 2017, which marks my third year serving the Mercedes-Benz Club of America.

The past two years have been an incredible journey. I wrote that last year represented the best year of my career. But like a fine wine, each year gets better. It’s a privilege to serve members and be a part of securing the long-term success of the club for many generations to enjoy.

In past columns, I consistently praise our volunteers. It goes without mentioning, but without them, the MBCA wouldn’t exist. There are more people we need to recognize, too. And that is the National Business Office team.

We’ve been gifted to have some of the most amazing team members serving the membership, volunteers and leaders. When you call the NBO, you are greeted with a professional representative eager to help you.


Annaliesa McBride –

Membership Event Coordinator

Annaliesa is the newest member of the team and has already made a significant impact in serving the membership. Along with serving members, she oversees the support for providing section leaders with the material requested for national, special national and regional events. Annaliesa also manages the International Stars MBCA raffle activities, online store orders, classifieds and Click e-newsletter. She also provides support for the German-trip activities. When you have the privilege to work with Annaliesa, please give her a warm welcome to the best Mercedes-Benz car club in the world.


Ryanne Dias –

Membership Specialist

Ryanne joined the team October 4 and has quickly acclimated herself to the club. Her immediate contribution has made a positive impact in serving members and supporting volunteers and the team. Along with serving members, Ryanne oversees membership activities, membership cards, membership database, The Star magazine subscriptions, and is on the front line when supporting section leaders’ questions. She has exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to her contribution in providing a legendary experience for members, volunteers and leaders.


Marcus Norwood –

Web Project Manager

Marcus is the Web Project Manager and joined the team with an extensive background in multiple web-development languages and stacks. He has quickly adapted to the club’s technology environment and has already made significant contributions. Marcus will ensure that all digital assets adhere to best practices while continually testing and innovating to ensure MBCA’s technology delivers on performance goals and provides an excellent user experience. With his experience and knowledge, Marcus will help lead the club in providing an exceptional user experience for MBCA’s website assets.


Geni Wallen –

Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper

Geni has provided exceptional service to the club for more than 12 years. She has repeatedly set a high standard in providing excellent customer service and exceptional attention to detail. Geni has been a pillar to the National Business Office, and her unwavering commitment and service to MBCA have contributed to the overall health and success of the club. Geni oversees important customer-service and administrative tasks that include section rebates, national elections, German trips and bookkeeping. We consistently receive accolades for her outstanding service for the German tours. When you next work with Geni, please give her special thanks for her years of service and the exceptional customer service she offers.


Cindy Tumbleson –

Business Administration Manager

Cindy has served MBCA for more than 17 years and is integral to providing an outstanding experience for all our members, volunteers and leaders. Cindy is the glue that keeps the membership support team running efficiently. She supports all areas of the club and helps serves members, section leaders and the National Board with many requests – large or small. She also provides leadership and oversees all membership-operation details. Cindy possesses a great depth of valuable knowledge about the Mercedes-Benz Club of America that contributes significantly to the club’s operational health. When you have the chance, please give Cindy your gratitude for her unparalleled service and commitment to MBCA.


I have the distinct privilege of working alongside these amazing team members every day. We are committed to offering exceptional service to the club’s members and for its operation. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve this great organization and look forward to helping the leadership and members in continuing to establish MBCA as the most excellent car club in the world.

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