How do I change my profile information?

How do I change my profile information?

  Before you can change your profile information, you must be logged on.  See "How do I log on?".

  The easiest way to change your profile information is to click the "My Profile" button in the upper right of the window, in between the Welcome banner and Log out button.  Selecting the "Edit Profle" tab along the top of the resulting window will display a page of profile information which you may modify.

  Your Account Information is displayed first.  You can scroll down to find the information you wish to modify, then select the field and edit it. 

  It is strongly suggested that you change your password to something you can remember, when you first log in.  As you type in a new password the site will display a rating for it security strength and hints to make it stronger.

  Other tabs displayed in the upper portion of the window allow for the display and modification of Member Information and Additional Information.

  While you are reviewing your Member Information, take a few moments to add your nickname or preferred name, if you use one in the social environment of the Club.  Your mailed correspondence will still to be address with your first name but your nickname will be used on this site.  This way we can identify you as your fellow club members know you, while using your more formal name for correspondence which may be sent to your office.

  When you have compleled modifying all the information you wish, click on the "Save" button to update your profile information.