Women’s Club of SA - The Woman's Club of San Antonio

Women’s Club of SA - The Woman's Club of San Antonio

Texas Hill Country
Saturday, July 16, 2016 - 11:00am
San Antonio

Our event was organized for us by John and Jaquie Rothermel.

 It began with a Directors meeting that started just before the actual event.

 We met at 11:00 AM for a brief social, we then joined Jaquie for a great tour of this great historic house after our lunch and presentation. The lunch menu was a sandwich buffet of chicken salad sandwiches and roast beef sandwiches with a fruit tray and a cookie tray with tea and water available to drink. And we also had a great dessert tray to boot!

 William Pugh, of Pugh Constructors, gave us a presentation showing the rebuilding of the SA Missions, a world heritage location, was quite informative. He explained the original build of the mission(s) and their sources of materials and labor. And followed up with the new techniques that were used to keep them as original as possible plus modern methods used to stay with the look and aesthetics of the existing architecture.

 Jaquie's tour through the home was just as informative and interesting as the house is grand! The family history involved as well as how certain rooms were deconstructed from their original areas and brought back to this home and reconstructed. What an accomplishment for the times, not that this was the only one of coure. But astonishing none the less.

 Please check out our video below. It was created by our Newsletter Editor, Charles Dove.


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Martin Rios