Technical Session at Mercedes-Benz of San Antonio

Technical Session at Mercedes-Benz of San Antonio

Texas Hill Country
Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 10:00am
San Antonio

 This weekend’s event was fantastic! We began with coffee and visiting time inside the dealership, where I ran into a good friend of ours William Taylor III, who has now become Sales Manager. We've known him now for 12yrs and gotta say it couldn't have happened to a nicer or better guy. You'll probably recognize him from one of the dealership commercials, so if you stop in drop by and tell him hello. From there we walked through the Service area and saw another great guy, Victor, who was working at the parts desk, and we moved on to the service shop for the rest of the activities.

 We were hosted by Wayne Burchard, shop foreman, and Chris Lichte the AMG Tech man. We were shown a technical demonstration on three very nice vehicles, a 2017 S550, 2017 E300 and a 2016 AMG GT. We were given a look and description of what all these models had to offer, as well as in and under the hood of all three. Granted the interiors of all three were each different and unique but all so stylish, finely appointed, and above all centered on safety. The best part for me was the S-Class being lifted on the rack so that we could catch a glimpse of her underside, what an impression!

  Afterwards we got together for a very tasty catered lunch provided to us by MBofSA. Wow, it was almost wall to wall food! We all introduced ourselves one by one and stated what made us such Mercedes enthusiast's and what models we've owned and now own. Once we started getting pretty full and somewhat sleepy from the feast, the door prizes began. And I gotta say this so far seems to have been the best one to date.

  What a really great time we all seemed to have had, good friends, great hosts and a fantastic dealership. We'd like to thank Richard Wood and Mercedes-Benz of San Antonio for all their gracious time, effort and support. And special thanks to Bill Rasco for organizing the event.

 And thanks to the following members for attending: David Jauer, Kathie & Keith Steele, Dan & Yaeko Coburn, Charles Dove & Martin Rios, John & Jaquie Rothermel, John Volk, Joe Aaron, Bill & Lucy Rasco, Ben Harding, William Rankin, Robin Schroeder, Dave & Amelia Brooks, Gene Brandon, Roy Huckaby, Gary & Shirley Joiner, Sak & Bebe Reeves, Heather & Dax Morlang & Dax Pummell, Don Dionisi, Alton & Danielle Wilson, Fred & Sherry Egloff, Dan Troup, Robert Lundin

See ya'll next time!

Martin Rios


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