Create Classified Ad

Create Classified Ad


The MBCA offers a free classified network- The Trading Post, that provides convenient access for members and guests to search and find wanted vehicles and miscellaneous parts, as well as create their own classified postings. Review complete descriptions, see full color photos, and message sellers 24 hours a day.

Active members may create as many free classified listings as they would like, with the exception that only one ad may be published at a time.  A member cannot create another free ad until the published free ad on their account has expired. Free classifieds that have expired are automatically unpublished. This allows members to create another free classified ad without having to delete or modify a previous free classified ad.

Commercial Corner ads are ads placed by organizations that are in the business of selling parts, providing service, etc.

Members: You must Login to your membership account.

A member only needs to create a paid ad if the description will be over 250 characters or the member wishes to run a second ad. See the complete classified advertising policy and rate page for more information.

Non-Members / Guest: You must Login to your existing guest account or create a guest account now, to place a classified ad. Follow the simple instructions to create a paid ad.

To modify or delete any of your current ads, click on the edit button next to your ad below.


Be careful. Online crooks can scam you.

Cashier's checks are easily faked. Ask for a direct bank-to-bank transfer and confirm receipt before releasing your car. Scammers will offer more than your price, paying with a cashier's check, with excess to be used to pay for shipping. They're stealing your car.