Classified Ads

Classified Ads

If you're logged in as a member, to submit a Trading Post ad with a good quality image of your for-sale automobile or merchandise, follow the instructions here.

If you're a non-member or advertising a commercial business, to submit a Trading Post or Commercial Corner ad, follow the instructions here.

Ads submitted on this website will be posted immediately. All ads on the website as of the print closing date of each issue of The Star® magazine will also be printed in that issue of the magazine.Each member may post one Mercedes-Benz related ad of up to 250 characters (approximately 35 words) on the website free of charge. To include a photo, add $25. Ads up to 500 characters cost $25. The online ad may be edited or removed by the member. All ads are automatically removed after 60 days online. 

Non-members and part- or full-time commercial advertisers (businesses) may post ads for Mercedes-Benz related parts, vehicles, good and services on this website. Ads up to 250 characters $30; up to 500 characters $50. To include a photo, add $25. Discount of 10% for three issues paid in advance.; 20% for six issues paid in advance. Advance fees are non-refundable.

Commercial businesses seeking more information on display ads may click here for additional information, or contact Advertising Manager Michael Salemi at [email protected] or call 734-578-6695, Monday through Friday 8am-5pm Eastern Time.