Authors of Enthusiasm

The Authors of Enthusiasm Committee maintains a list of books that are briefly reviewed and should be of interest to MBCA members. Many of the books concern Mercedes-Benz automobiles specifically and some of the books address more general aspects, such as car buying, maintenance, and ownership. Some of the books are authored or edited by MBCA members, past and present. Most of these books are available on Amazon, or by third-party sellers.

How J.D. Power III Became the Auto Industry’s Adviser, Confessor, and Eyewitness to History
Sarah Morgans and Bill Thornes

Power is a fascinating history of the J.D. Power and Associates and covers the rough beginning of the survey research firm to its overwhelming success today. Early on, Power encountered enormous resistance from auto manufacturers who thought the value of his customer studies was questionable....

Meisterstück auf Rädern (Delius Klasing Verlag)
Christof Vieweg

S - Klasse is about the design, development, and production of the 2005 (2007 in U.S.) S Class (W221). The text is in German which I do not read or speak, but the photos are outstanding and the book's design is first class, as is usual for Delius Klasing. If you're an S Class owner or enthusiast...

Coupé, Roadster, GT3, E-Cell
Markus Bolsinger

SLS AMG is a very well-done book containing beautiful photographs and succinct text that chronicle the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the SLS AMG in its various iterations. It features rare behind the scenes narratives of the first Mercedes-Benz car that was fully developed by AMG....

Jim Luikens (West Michigan)

Part of the “Standard Catalog” series. This guide to all things Mercedes lists off models and body styles with VIN identification and factory specifics, and covers all post-war collectible models sold in the United States. For the fan, the collector, and the historian.

How To Survive On Our Streets And Highways
Marv Berkowitz (West Michigan)

Reviewed by David Cummings This “play book” is an excellent read, complete with many website resources. Marv highlights commonsense details that we all are, or should be, aware of. Seeing them in print really drives them home (pun intended). There is a large group of sponsors committed to...