Authors of Enthusiasm

The Authors of Enthusiasm Committee maintains a list of books that are briefly reviewed and should be of interest to MBCA members. Many of the books concern Mercedes-Benz automobiles specifically and some of the books address more general aspects, such as car buying, maintenance, and ownership. Some of the books are authored or edited by MBCA members, past and present. Most of these books are available on Amazon, or by third-party sellers.

A Systems Approach 6th ed. (Cengage Learning)
Jack Erjavec and Rob Thompson

A current and comprehensive text for automotive technician trainees, experienced practitioners, and DIYs. The latest automotive information is easily understood with thorough explanations and color graphics. Each of the 55 chapters contain pedagogic helps including objectives, key terms, a...

One Hundred Years of Technology, Politics, and Death
Michael R. Lemov

Car Safety Wars is an up to date book that discusses the recent GM ignition switch debacle and mentions the Takata Airbag issue, even though the extent of these problems is still unfolding. I’m sure many MBCA members (OK, only a few of you go back that far) recall the cars of the 1967 model year...

John Olson (Twin Cities)

A compilation of Mercedes-Benz SL subjects by the SL Market Letter. Includes a 3 page dedication to Rudolf Uhlenhaut, art and memorabilia, extensive index.

John Olson (Twin Cities)

No Description Available

(Cengage Learning)
Steve V. Hatch

1. A Review of Electricity and Electronics 2. Computers in Cars 3. Common Components for Computerized Engine Control Systems 4. Common Operating System Principles for Computerized Engine Control Systems 5. Diagnostic Concepts 6. Diagnostic Equipment 7. Exhaust Gas Analysis 8. Understanding OBD...