Authors of Enthusiasm

The Authors of Enthusiasm Committee maintains a list of books that are briefly reviewed and should be of interest to MBCA members. Many of the books concern Mercedes-Benz automobiles specifically and some of the books address more general aspects, such as car buying, maintenance, and ownership. Some of the books are authored or edited by MBCA members, past and present. Most of these books are available on Amazon, or by third-party sellers.


The Story; The Cars
Clauspeter Becker, Markus Bolsinger, Michael Clauss, Frank Mühling, Hans Schilder, and Achim Peitzmeier

Celebrating the 45 years of AMG cars (1967-2012), the book begins with an 80 page plus history of AMG and its relationship to Mercedes, becoming wholly-owned by (then) Daimler-Chrysler in 2005. The main section is devoted to chronologically covering individual AMG models, from the 1967 AMG 230 (...

Behind the Wheel of a Vintage Mercedes in the World's Longest Auto Race
Kevin Clemens and Frank Barrett (Mile High)

This memoir recounts the author’s adventures while competing in the Around the World in 80 Days Motor Challenge from May to July 2000. Beginning with his search for a sponsor and his deliberations in choosing a 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220S, it follows him from his arrival in London through various...

An Illustrated History
Heon Stevenson

Although Mercedes-Benz is not a major focus of this book, it does briefly cover Mercedes-Benz’s early foray into the U.S. market through a cooperative agreement with Studebaker-Packard beginning in 1958 (coincidentally, the last model year for Packard automobiles). Studebaker-Packard sold...

4th edition
Chris Johanson

A very good introduction to the technology of today’s cars, Auto Engine Performance and Driveability contains the information technicians need to pass the A8 section of the ASE testing battery. Each chapter contains numerous color photographs and illustrations, and pedagogic features such as...

(Cengage Learning)
Rob Thompson

An introductory text to automotive technology, Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair contains basic but thorough explanations of most every system found on the modern car. Lots of color photos and drawings illustrate the chapters that cover everything from shop safety to a capstone chapter...