Problems with E320 BlueTec

Problems with E320 BlueTec

Submitted by plthomas on 10-09-2012

Purchased my car new in 2007.  I love this car: however, in the past year I have had some very expensive
problems.  Bear in mind, that I have always used the dealership for all services as required.
At 60,000 miles, had the transmission replaced; at 69,000 miles, had the inlet port shutoff motor
and linkage replaced (8/15.2012).  Right now, it is in the shop having the manifold replaced due to
carbon deposits.
Each time the symptom was the same:  From a stop, car will only accelerate to 15-20 mph.
If I turn off motor and re-start, it will drive fine.  Tech says it is not the CTU.

Help!!  This is sad.

Alfred Algeria III
Posted on 01-16-2013

Hi   Had a similar problem on my 2005 E320 CDI while on an 800 mile trip. When I got to my destination I pulled the ERG valve which was carboned up and  cleaned it with brake cleaner and that cured it for about 2000 miles, it occurred again  I cleaned it but after that I replaced it  by myself costs about $500. at the dealer ,   2 screws and  your done,  takes about 15 minutes. It's been good for about 10,000 miles so far. The new EGR valve  had the same part number but a different design.  Mercedes people in the U.K. by-pass the EGR valve  by  building  an adapter to replace the EGR   valve  electrically so the computer doesn't miss it and the EGR valve doesn't operate and get stuck open causing the loss of power problem.  I think  the adapter  is available on eBay UK.   Hope this helps.  

Posted on 01-05-2013
Diesel problems in 2007

I've had the same problem with my 2007 Diesel.  The dealer diagnosed it as speed sensor problem and changed the transmission control unit.  But since then the problem returned.  

George, have you tried PLThomas' solution?  And did it work?

George Murphy
Posted on 10-28-2012
Diesel problems

These later diesel engines seem to carbon foul at lot more than earlier models - mostly due to very high EGR flow which carries carbon back through the intake manifold casing fouling plus mostly in-town driving at low RPMs . . .

It helps to take the car on an extended run of 100 miles or so in third gear to get RPMs up around 4000 or so for a few hours to clean out the manifold

Posted on 10-28-2012

How often do I need to do this?
Thank you for your response.