ML320 CDI vs. Bluetec

ML320 CDI vs. Bluetec

Submitted by Greg Gralewski on 10-27-2011

I'm considering buying a Used but Certified ML 320 CDI or Bluetec. I'm looking at a 2008 to 2011 at our local dealership. I have two questions.

First, I'm being told that I can expect to get 32 MPG when at highway speeds. Is this accurate?

Second are the maintenance dollars. It is my understanding that the Bluetec costs more to maintain than the CDI. Is this correct? What can I expect to spend annually on maintenance?

I'll look forward to hearing your responses.

Posted on 01-07-2012

I don't know how negatively the ML body affects mileage but I can tell you that my E320 CDI gets 25 in the city and 41 MPG on the highway. The window sticker rated it at 37 MPG highway, which it did from day one, but now with 150,000 miles on it 41 is pretty regular. I also like the fact that Diesel fuel isn't explosive like gasoline so you can store some without fear. The torque from these engines is unbelievable!!! I drive through WV mountains, A/C on and doing 75 - 80 miles per hour with ease and 41 MPG! While the cars around me are shifted down with engines screaming, the CDI seems to say "let's go faster!".