MBZ model identification

MBZ model identification

Submitted by TEAMTOR on 01-26-2013

Hi Guys,
New member here. Just wanted to get some very basic information under my belt.
What does MOT stand for? I know this is Brittish but it's been bothering me and I figured one of you would know.
How does MB arrive at their model number designations? Example W124. R107?  Does the R stands for roadster? what does the "W" stand for? Is the numbering sequential from some master engineering book of project numbers?
And this is the big one. Has anyone put an (choke) American V-8 into one of the R107's and been able to get it to legally pass smog requirements?
I hope this doesn't start a major discussion
BTY I'm currently restoring a 85 380sl and finding that this site is great source of information.

Just having fun.

Posted on 01-27-2013
Thanks normajean, I agree

Thanks normajean,
I agree with you on the 560sl vs the 380sl for performance. However, I came across this really clean 380sl with 150k miles and no paperwork. I had a 560 SLC and it was a pain to keep tuned and running well so I sold it. This 380 is somewhat anemic on the power scale and I was just fantasizing about a nice LS1 conversion. 350HP and 365ft/lbs (495n/m)   of torque, much more than a 560.Also, no timing chain issues, although It would probably raise some ire with the true MB enthusiast.


(Why pay someone to mess it up when I can mess it up for free?)

Posted on 01-27-2013

MOT = Ministry of Transportation.  Similar to our DOT.

W (designation) = Wagen (Greman).  Sedan or coupe body.  Yes, R (designation) is Roadster

There have been many instances of U.S. engine transplants into R107 body cars.  They are generally successful.  You already have a fine, easily maintained engine.  If you are looking for more performance, a better choice may be the W107 5.6 liter engine as in 560SL