How to neatly set spark plug wires on M103 engine?

How to neatly set spark plug wires on M103 engine?

Submitted by Bill Brandt on 04-24-2011

I had to redo a job today - reinstall the "upper cover" - the plate that covers the upper part of  timing chain where the distributor mounts - I had apparently crimpt the u-shapped rubber gasket that fits on the bottom - that let oil (my slipperly Mobil 1 ;-) ) - seep though. 

Anyway in all the years I have had this car I could not figure out how neatly arrange the plug wires on the plastic clamshell enclosure - it's like hearding cats.

When I try to lay them flat - in a row - on the valve cover they are always moving around...

Anyone have an easy way?

I have always managed to cram the wires into the clamshell enclosure but it is always ready to burst apart

Have a nice Easter / Passover everyone....

Posted on 05-07-2011
there is no Easy way, but I

there is no Easy way, but I find..and I beleive a number of others techs and DIY'ers alike have found that 3-4 run of e-tape around the plastic bit works very well @ holding the wires in place.  

Even w/ New plastic bits they invariably come apart/fall off..leave you frustrated.  Adding the e-tape solves that.  

Does it look factory, no..but it works in the Real World, which is where the majority of us exist;-)


Bill Brandt
Posted on 05-10-2011
Thanks for your reply Jonathon...

I noticed too that new wires are a lot more difficult because they are stiffer - noticed that the little plastic catches - the snaps - are staggered on the lower half so I would "assume" you lay the wires over each snap - but it is still like trying to herd cats!

Thanks for your reply!