C300 oil drain plug

C300 oil drain plug

Submitted by webspry on 05-06-2012


I have an '09 C300, and have been doing my own oil changes using the "extraction" method.  I've not been satisfied with the amount of oil I get out of the engine - I am getting 6 qts out, and engine holds 8.

So, I want to start using the drain plug under the engine. I know this is a stupid question but here goes: I pulled the plastic cover off the underside, but I am in doubt as to where the drain plug is.  There is black 3X6 panel and what appears to be the drain plug close to the panel, on the drivers side of the engine.  The black panel is what is confusing to me - every oil pan I have ever seen is a solid piece of metal.  

Have I located the drain plug or is it another location?

Thanks, I appreciate your patience.      Dave Spry

Posted on 05-08-2012
We do All MB's from W126 and

We do All MB's from W126 and up via the topside method and find that I get More oil through this manner then draining through the pan.  As per George, I suspect you are leaving a good bit behind in the oil filter housing.  I would also recommend cutting your suction tube @ a slight angle...I find this works best..:)


George Murphy
Posted on 05-07-2012
C300 Oil capacity

Are you draining the oil filter housing by loosening the cap to allow it to drain into crankcase?

I have attached the MB WIS procedure for oil change on the 204.054 C-class.

272_engine_oil_and_filter_change.pdf 45.15 KB

Posted on 05-08-2012
The first thing I do is

The first thing I do is loosen the filter cap, and remove the filter.  Then I remove the oil filler cap.  I have cut the suction tube every way I can think of, moved, wiggled, and twisted the suction tube. Once the suction starts "spitting" I keep the suction pulling for another 15-20 minutes.  I cannot get more than 6 quarts out.  I check the oil level before I start and it is up the the "max" mark.  I am completely disgusted with the suction method, and want to drain the oil using the drain plug.
Please, where is the drain plug located?  Anybody got a picture or parts diagram?