E-Class (W210) 1995 - 2002

E 200, E 220D, E 240, E 290TD, E 300TD, E 200, E 240, E 280, E 320, E 420, E 430 (Wagon, Touring, 4Matic)

E320 has groaning noise at the rear, when engine is running

I'm hearing a sound like a loud pump (vacuum, fuel) from the rear of this wagon. It is audible from the inside of the car, and to a lesser degree from the outside. The noise occurs when the engine is running, but does not change appreciably if the

E320 hesitates from dead stop

Dear All,

My 2000 E320 4-matic wagon hesitates (push the pedal and it creeps forward for 2 sec, and then gains way). This behavior is especially evident when turning (e.g. executing a right or left turn from a dead stop after a stop sign). If th

Outside Air Temperature Display

The outside air temperature display remains dark. How can I tell whether the sensor has failed, whether the LCD display has failed, or whether some other factors are at work?



'99 E300 Lamp Defective

In the last two weeks I have encountered a "Lamp Defective" message a few times. The message is intermitant. It comes on when I engage the brakes. After I shut off the car for a few minutes the message may not appear again for several times of runnin

Alarm issues, please help.

ok, I'm having problems with the alarm on my 98 e320, first the car got wet inside from the sunroof not working properly,the car had water in the front and rear pass. sides, (the alarm was working fine), got in and drove to work on the way to work i

Antenna Gremlin...continued!

Hello, folks! Say: would someone be so kind as to see the Posts I left a few days ago in our Technical section, & suggest what's happening with my a nutshell: when I turn the radio on, all I can get is " PHONE " on the readout...nothing el

FS: 1999 E430 wheels

Please see my ad in the For Sale section. These are mint wheels. They are fairly light at 19 lbs. each.

PM me if you are interested.

Purchasing 2002 E320..advice?

I'm currently looking at purchasing my dream Mercedes (2002 E320!) Just looking for any information on this current year and model that might be helpful. Nothing drives like a Benz and I can't wait to be a proud owner!:)

Driving Thru Deep Water

Earlier this week I drove through some deep water along with a mass exodus of cars here on base leaving a ceremony. I drove perhaps 1/2 - 3/4 mile of it at 10mph before I was able to get off the road and wait for the rain and roads to clear.

I'm no

2002 E320 Station Wagon w 4Matic

Has anyone had this much trouble with their 2002 W210?

My old 1992 400E (not even mentioning my dads three old 250/230/200's) really spoiled me. After "only" 100K I just needed a new transfer case, the passenger bum seat sensor, one key fob gav

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