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I just bought my first Mercedes a 1965 220 SE she needs some work but overall not too bad. I am trying to remove the wood trim from the dash just below the front window, it is loose but will not come out, also the trim on the doors not around the window but on the door itself. Any help would be appreciated. Also if there is a web site that explains any of this info that would also help.


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take it easy with the wood. It comes out with much patience.

Each of the two pieces in the dash bow are held down with some hefty screws.

Armed with a flashlight look under the dash for four blue plastic nuts. They come off with a 9mm socket. I just did this last week on a 230SL using a 3" extension rod and a ratchet handle (1/4" drive). It just takes patience to do it while having your head under the dash board.


Yes, this is good advice from CTH on the windshield wood. We are assuming your 220SE is a sedan and not the coupe or cab.

The door panel wood strips are stapled or screwed to the door panels from the inside. Removal of the door panel is required to unfasten the wood. The door panels can be removed fairly easy if you know the sequence; remove the window verticle trims, unscrew the lock button, pop off the top door panel molding, remove the escutcheon plate around the inside door handle by first removing the dark brown plastic insert, remove the "C" shped door lock escutcheon plate, remove the arm rest, remove the window crank by first popping off the small upholstered center, and then begin to pop the door panel off. Here again use a strong light or flashlight to make sure you unfasten all the clips before lifting the panel off.


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I just removed the wood under the windshield from my '71 280SE 3.5 Coupe. Quite time consuming, and if I had an extra wrist in the middle of my forearm it would have helped! I even wished for a prehensile tail at one point. The "gear wrench" helped as the socket with a universal was pretty unwieldy on a couple of the nuts as well. I found that I had to remove both front seats as well as I'm not as small and agile as I once was. What I did for the re-install was to purchase some wing nuts in the correct size. MUCH easier! Clean the studs coming down from the wood and just a small drop of Loctite for insurance. I also used some thin weather striping under the wood to make sure it doesn't rattle.

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