Thinking of selling Scott's 1143

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Carrollton, TX
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1988 560SEC


I'm thinking of selling Scott's old 1143 which will still leave me with 2526. 2526 has some rust issues that really need to be addressed before I consider passing it along to another owner and I have just bought a 1984 500SL convertible which leaves me with 2 026's a 500SL and a 350SLC.

I really don't need that many.

Since I bought 1143. I've done the following (in order):

  1. Replaced the fuel pump and filter.
  2. Replaced the valve cover gaskets
  3. Replaced oil and filter (of course)
  4. Flushed coolant and replaced with MB approved chemistry
  5. Cleaned Injectors, replaced injector seals.
  6. Replaced ignition system including plug wires, rotor, plugs, air filter balast resistors and coil.
  7. Installed new hood pad
  8. Installed hood buffers and air cleaner buffers.
  9. Replaced various vacuum hoses
  10. Brand New ($130 Napa battery and terminals)
  11. Repaired A/C and charged with R12 (now blows very cold)
  12. Replaced Front and Rear sub frame Mounts
  13. Replaced Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
  14. Replaced Rear spring mounts
  15. Replaced Sway Bar Bushing
  16. Replaced both tie rods
  17. Drained and replaced the transmission fluid (including torque converter) replaced filter
  18. Drained and replaced differential fluid
  19. Installed JVC Radio and New speakers all around (Non working radio and no speakers came with the car).
  20. Fixed rheostat dimmer that controls the interior lights as it was not working.
  21. Replaced timing chain, tensioner and all top accessible rails.
  22. Repainted the car back to DB 419 Ikon Gold (it was painted green at one point)
  23. Replaced rusty section in the drivers side rear quarter panel (ribbed section below quarter window).
  24. Replaced fuel accumulator.
  25. Installed four new 205/70/14 Goodyear Eagle LS tires.

Pretty much all of the above work was done in the last 12 months. It still has some minor issues with the central locking only working while the engine is running and the passenger side windows not opening (I will be working on these very shortly).

The drivers side seat also has a couple of tears in the leather.

This is a daily driving car and I would have no problems driving it to California. I just completed a 280 mile round trip drive to Centerville TX last weekend for an MB get together. The car ran very well in 105 degree heat.

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