Replacing 107 Window Motor???

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Hi, folks!

I have the M-B chassis book for my 1979 450SL, but there's nothing in there on removing/installing a window motor. Plenty of info on adjusting the windows as to upper/lower stops, preload angle, etc. But only photos of hand-crank windows. No mention of electric window lifts at all.

Well, my passenger-side motor finally quit, probably the brushes are shot after 30+ years. there an archive on how to do a window motor removal/install????

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Thanks, and God Bless!

Alexander N. (Sandy) Gerli
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1979 450SL in Maple Yellow "Our Daisy"

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2005 S500 4MATIC
1978 450SL
Re: Replacing 107 Window Motor???

Before removing the door panel and jousting with the spring in the lift motor, try the advice at - be sure it's not a bad switch, a fuse, or the relay.

It may save you what this poor guy went through -

But if you have to get into the door, see the panel removal instructions at and post #3 at


Warren '05 S500 4Matic '78 450SL

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