Rear brake job cost $$$

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i have an 89 560 sl. i want to replace rear pads and rotors, what would be average cost for labor and parts at a locak garage:drive:. i was going to do my self parts come to 100.00.

is it worth to have someone do ? also what would be good choice parts ( manufacturer) for rotors and pads.

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Re: Rear brake job cost $$$

Some people go aftermarket on brakes, but I usually prefer to stay OEM where I can... but that's my own personal preference... there are aftermarket makers who make comparable products, but someone else can tell you about them as I avoid using them,...

the local garage will probably want $120-$180 labor depending on how much they charge per hour.... (usually they charge a couple hours labor to put on rear brakes)...

Add at roughly $20-$30 for a set of rotors and $10-$30 for the pads over what you can get them for on your own... so if you can get rotors/pads for $100 it would probably $130-$170....

Brakes are a good DIY job, they are relatively easy to swap rotors and pads, just get some good instructions (either online or a manual) and a good afternoon to get it done (take your time, no sense in rushing a brake job)...

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Re: Rear brake job cost $$$

My indep. shop quoted about $350 for a full brake job. I still might to the DIY route. I plan to change from the DUSTY OEM pads to either Wagner or Porterfield pads to cut down the @*#$ brake dust. :)


Kevin Arburn 1987 560SL 2003 ML320

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