R107 - Jacking and Lifting

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Airing on the side of safety, I'm looking for a second opinion on where I'm going to be lifting the car at the front (first picture). I know for my '08 Mustang this will work perfectly but would like to make sure:

Also, I am uncertain where to place my jack stands on this car. :confused: Under the rocker panel (2nd and 3rd pic) there are no clear cut welds that scream place jackstand here or to insert a jack-up shoe. The top of my jackstands are U-shaped, and the last thing I want to do is damage the rocker. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone actually use the jack up shoes for these R-107s? Can't seem to find any online, and curious how much people pay.

Also I'm curious if people lift the rear on the differential housing? On Mustangs that's a no-no..


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Re: R107 - Jacking and Lifting

Best place is under the designed-in jacking points on each side. This area is reinforced to allow jacking. If you do not wish to use the supplied factory jack in the hole, then use a floor jack with a wood block and perhaps a cushioning rag directly beneath the jack point. Do not lift via the differential housing. And don't lift from the bottom of the oil pan. At the front I've found that lifting at the vertical box sections works pretty well if you just need a little clearance to look under the that area. Do not lift from the center of the cross-member shown in the photo. The box sections are located directly right and left and also are mount points for the anti-roll bar. There is a tow loop welded to one and the other has no loop. If you need to lift one wheel, say for checking the brakes with the wheel off, simply place the floor jack beneath the front or rear A-arm and lift there. Plenty strong for this. Always place a supporting jack stand under the rocker at the regular jack point for safety. Never work under a car that is not properly supported by safety jack stands. Never seen jack-up shoes, like used on the newer models, but then I've never looked for them either. I always use a thick folded towel on the jack stand. Made my own jack shoes for my Corvette...used hockey pucks with an eye-hook to secure them into the slots. Cost a buck instead of $40 for the fancy aluminum/rubber type.

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Reviving old thread

I've been searching the forums for a good answer about where to use a floor jack and where to position jack stands.

Floor Jack:
For the front of the car, some people say to use the flat spots where the front sub-frame rails come down the firewall to meet the floor pans and the box section on the floor pan.  This is what I commonly use as a jack point, with wood between the floor jack and car.  Some people say to not do this.  Other people say to use the middle of the front sub frame itself, while others disagree.  In the post above, the person says to use the rocker panel below the holes made for the jack that comes with the car.  I'm not sure that area is reinforced like this person thinks.  Oh, and I read another post that says to use the bottoms of the vertical box sections to which the front sway bar attaches.  Finally, in the service manual, reference is made to device you put in the jack holes that has a pad to be used for a floor jack or car lift.

For the rear of the car, some people use that round mounting area where the trailing arm meets the body (or rear sub-frame?).  Others use the differential, while some say never to do that.  I'm not sure of many other options for the rear of the car.

Jack Stands:
Many people post things like, "make sure the car is securely positioned on jack stands" or "properly place the car on jack stands" without giving any accurate description or, better yet, posting pictures.

Here are the spots I have the car resting on jack stands right now.  I'm getting read to replace all 4 shock absorbers and a tie rod this weekend, so I didn't want to hold the car up by any part of the suspension.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say about jacking points and jack stand placement !!


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