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I would like to know if there is an online resource similar to RealOEM for BMW's for the Mercedes-Benz. I am looking for the mast antenna which I believe has something to do with the SOS function in the car. The black cover on ours is broken, I think it probably got hit too hard by the wash brush one too many times.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Parts Interchange or Indentifier

Hi Rick and welcome!

I think you might be looking for the E(lectronic) P(arts) C(atalog), available free for North Americans at Yes, it asks for a credit card, but only to track location somehow (so the rest of the world can't get in on the scam?).


James Marriott 1987 300SDL (155k, mein Auto, 100% homebio 3 years) 1983 300D (221k, frau Auto, 100% homebio 3 years) 1997 Suburban (149k, gas/4WD towmaster 6000) 1982 300SD junker, 265k

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Re: Parts Interchange or Indentifier

BoiseBenzes;198561 wrote:
Yes, it asks for a credit card, but only to track location somehow.

Exactly: Your credit card address is verified, and from that MBUSA can tell that you actually do live in the USA. (Or at least your card does!)

I was told that MBUSA only has permission to service MBs in the USA market, which makes sense.

In the European Union, you can get a lifetime EPC subscription for about 12 Euro. Or it seemed like lifetime to me; not being in the EU I can't tell.

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