Oil Sensor Defective - 1998 E320S4 Wagon

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Burnsville, NC
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2007 E550 4MATIC
1998 E320 Sedan
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Fellow members:

While returning from taking my wife out to dinner tonight, when I started the wagon, the display went red and is projecting the message "OIL SENSOR DEFECTIVE". Anyone who can offer any experience or input as to a corrective measure short of taking the car to the dealership would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi You will need to have the instrument cluster checked for codes. It may be a wiring problem or more common your oil level,temperature,quality sensor in the oil not let it go by unchecked even if it goes out with the recycling of the key .this sensor is an important input to your ecm and could put your engine management in a limp mode.joeym

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