My 2005 C55 AMG

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To all fans of this very complicated little machine. I am experiencing electronics gliches in my 2005 C55 AMG: exchanging front and rear SAME, wire harnesses, etc.,I am looking for used STAR diagnostic multiplexer, to run WIS and DAS> I could buy this at E-Bay, made in China, but I am not sure about the deal with unknown chinease person. Is there anybody who owns such equipment and willing to sell? Thanks, Mirek Lisowski
I own: 1994 S 350 TurboDiesel-120,000 miles
2005 C55 AMG- 11,000 miles

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Rockledge, FL
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Re: My 2005 C55 AMG

warranty? manufactured defect? these are scary cars.


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Re: My 2005 C55 AMG

where are you located?

Yes, very complicated machine is right..w/o SDS and the ability to code/adapt etc you're pretty stuck!

Not too sure how I feel about Chinese SDS!!


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