Key/ignition switch won't go to start position intermittently

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Alma, AR
Joined: November 7th, 2007


1975 300D
1983 300DT
1985 300TD

Greetings all,

I have encountered an intermittent issue with the key/ignition switch on my recently acquired '84 300D - it sometimes will not turn to the start position, even from initial key insertion. My guess is that the "lockout" which requires turning the key all the way to the left to reset after the start position has been used is malfunctioning, but I'm not sure exactly how that feature is implemented. Note that at this point I'm not experiencing the "key won't turn from position 0" issue.

"Proactive" replacement of the lock cylinder and key(s) is in process due to play in the lock cylinder and wear on the (factory type steel) keys, but do the ignition switch mechanism and/or other related items need to be replaced also?

Thanks, Al

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Re: Key/ignition switch won't go to start position intermittentl

The one start lockout is in the electrical switch.

It costs about $20.


AKA, ForcedInduction. ASE certified master technician.
1982 300D Holset HE221W turbo, 7mm M-Pump, A/W intercooler, W/M injection
1980 240D 3.0T OM617a, 4-speed manual, 3.07 diff

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