Idle Speed Control Valve Question

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Two days after fixing the air conditioning (finally), the 380SL began to shake at idle and under light acceleration (both with the compressor on or off).

I suspected the idle speed control valve...I disconnected the wire leads and started the car. The idle stabilized at 1500 RPM as advertised in the service manual (no shaking). I plugged the wires back in and everything is working fine!

Question--could the air conditioning have caused the idle speed control valve to stick? Since it hadn't been made to compensate for the compressor in a long time?

Another question--is there a safe way to maybe clean out the idle speed control valve? Is there maybe some sort of gunk in there?Am I making any sense? Like I said before, the car runs fine after disconnecting and reconnecting the wires, but I'd like to prevent it from happening again!


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1970 300SEL 6.3

The idle speed control valve gets its signal from the idle speed control computer. Either one fo these components could cause the symptoms you are talking about. In most cases, both of these components get replaced becaus it's nearly impossible to tell which is bad.


Tom Hanson
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Hi Steve:

You can clean it with carb cleaner. Pour some inside the valve
and shake it. Lots of dirt will come out. No problem in doing it.

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