Fuel gauge sending unit connector

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First time poster so please bear with me on this one!

Bought and working on 1987 190e 2.3 as 2nd car for my wife to drive in the winter months here in Salt Lake City, Utah. She refuses to drive her 1998 230 SLK in bad weather because it get dirty.......LOL

Back to the 190. Found that fuel gage was not working so though I needed to just repair or replace the sending unit. What I found was that the three wires leading into the sending unit connector had come undone or broken off. Before sodering them back on I need to know which wire connect to which post inside the connector. The three wires are brown, green, and blue.

Can somebody please provide me with a wire diagram or look at their's if they have a similar and let me know?


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Oak Ridge, TN
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1999 C43 AMG

Need your mailing address to send wiring diagram . . .



George Murphy

MBCA Technical Director


1999 C43 AMG

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