Flickering Headlights

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I have a 2004 G500 and I am running into a problem. Lately, when I come out of the office at night and I turn on the headlights, they flicker for a considerable time. Then they either stabilize or they go out all together. It is very unsettling to drive down the road with headlights that are blinking on and off! The COMMAND system is registering malfunctions as well. I also hear arcs through the stereo during the flicker. It is happening on both sides. I would normally change the light bulbs, but since it is happening on both sides, I wonder if it is a problem rooted in the controls or a power regulator to the lights. Has anyone experienced this problem before? I would like to know what I am getting into before taking it to the dealer. If it is a simple matter of changing headlights, I can do that, but if it is a more complex problem, I would like to know before wading in to deep.


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