Electrical puzzle - 600 SL

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I have a 1993 600 SL with 42,000 original miles. It is in mint condition and runs great!

Here is the problem: Two weeks ago, the seat belt warning light came on and would not go off; then the SRS came on and stayed on; then the ASR and ABS warning light came on and stayed on.

Any ideas as to what is causing this problem?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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Green Gremlins

I have a 94 SL600 which runs great also. But, I have lights come on during operation and go off, and stay off when you cycle the ignition switch off and then on again. The light I see most often is the suspension light. I'm told we could be having an instrument cluster problem. I've often wondered if I don't have fluid (water) running around causing temporary shorts? I know the wiring harness in the 94 is a known weak area.

Eric Leindecker
Cincinnati, OH

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I dont' know much about electrical systems, but I tend to agree that the source of my problem is the common wiring mechanisn for the dashboard cluster.

Would you happen to know where I can access a wiring schematic for the dashboard cluster?

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