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Did Mercedes ever make the following cars? :confused:
1996 C36 AMG, chassis 202.028, engine 104.941
1997 C36, chassis 202.028, engine 104.941
1996 C280, chassis 202.028, engine 104.941

This all looks strange to me. Three different cars and all the same chassis and engine? I can see the same chassis, but the same engine? Am I missing something?

Also Mercedes list a 104.936 engine at
under document GF27.10-P-0025-02D to be fitted to a 202.028 then never shows it anywhere else that I can find.

under 16 year Model Overview they list a different bore and stroke for the 1996 AMG compared to the 1996 C280. How can they have the same engine?
Please enlighten me.

Weldon Barnett

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Alpharetta, GA
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2002 CLK55 AMG
1995 E320 Wagon
1991 300CE

I have seen conflicting information on both the model overview on as well as on StarTeckinfo.

Read this may help clear up any questions:

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Thanks, that does shead some light on the subject. Your help is greatly appreciated. :)

Weldon Barnett

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