D-Jet trigger points

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As I understand it, trigger points for teh very early D-jet cars (the ones with integral socket for harness plug) are no longer made. But, the later ones with a pigtail and connector are.

Either way, these are VERY expensive.

What I have read, is that these points last a long time, perhaps 100k miles. But our old cars now have more than that!

Sometimes only problem is oil leakage onto points. But as they age, I have found on my car that the fibre cam followers basically wore out. As a result, the injectors fired incorrectly. A used set of point solved the problem.

Finally my question for Classic Center:) Would it be possible to buy just the part that includes the cam followers? This is the part that includes the spring and one side of the points. It would be a simple fix, to unsolder one wire and replace those pieces.

If MB can't do this, could you lead me to a contact at Bosch where I could raise the same question?

It just seems crazy that we would have to replace the whole thing when a tiny piece of plastic has worn.

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1970 300SEL 6.3
Re: D-Jet trigger points

The Classic Center in Germany now has these on an exchange basis. They have plenty of stock, but we are required to send them the old units first. If you can be without the car for about 4 weeks, we'll be able to supply you with a set. Please email me at the office for more discussion.


Tom Hanson
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949 598-4842 direct.

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