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Neptune, NJ
Joined: April 1st, 2004


1999 E300 Turbo Diesel

Sometimes would-be owners of diesel MB's ask what the average cost per year is to maintain one of these cars. I added up the costs from my maintenance log for the past year, and came up with $1073, for 20,000 miles of driving. About 60% of this cost is maintenance materials such as oil changes (8), filters, coolant and brake fluid changes, while 40% is parts replacement like hydroelectric shut-off valve, glow plugs, fuel lines, oil sending unit, light bulbs, etc.

This cost does not include labor, which I performed. I estimate that had a shop perform this work, the labor cost would have been around $2000 (maybe more).

Of course, the MB dvd shop manual ($150) and the invaluable assistance from the members of this forum make these labor savings possible. Not only am I able to do the work, but I feel I'm doing it right, so thanks to y'all.

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Rockledge, FL
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right, on, Dave. we need more of you :cool:


Pierre Hedary
...happily servicing vintage Mercedes-Benz in sunny Florida...
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