Cl 55 amg 2003

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Hello Everybody,

I am looking for feedback from connoisseur.

I found a CL 55 AMG 2003 with 66000 miles that I would like to buy.
The car seems to be in great shape but I still have some doubts because I do not know the car too much. I was wondering if it is a reliable car.

The car looks better that some other I checked with lower milage but I am still wondering if it is not too much miles and if I don't take the risk of having a lot of trouble and expensises in the future. By the way CL 55 or CL500 is one more relaiable than the other one
I heard that lately Mercedes cars have electronics trouble.
Is somebody could provide me a feed back on that car.
In the mean time I am looking for a mechanics in Miami. Is anybosdy knows soembody.
Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Cl 55 amg 2003

Dear Don,

Thank you very much for your information.
That 's bring me a lot of light.
I agree with you that the car will be checked by a mercedes dealer before finalizing the deal.
As you said what is $300.00 compare with bad news, and bad news means expenses

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Long Island City, NY
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Re: Cl 55 amg 2003


I have a different take on buying a super luxury car like this 2003 CL55, which you seem to like.

While having the car inspected by an expert, as Don suggests, is certainly not a bad idea, and couldn't hurt, I think this is easier said than done, probably not necessary, and you could lose the car to another buyer while trying to get it inspected.

It's easier said than done because finding an expert who really knows what to look for in the short period of time allowed for such things is not so easy. Some buyers fiddle around trying to find fault with a beautiful car and lose the opportunity to someone who simply buys it, without worry.

The way I would approach a luxury car that's really in fine condition is to assume that because of its condition, the previous owner took good care of the car, all around. Who would care for a car on the outside but neglect it mechanically? So all you need to see are the service records and learn the reason why the car is being sold. If you see complete records, the reason for selling seems plausible, and you love the car, go for it.

Chances are that you are paying a fraction of the original over $120k selling price of this car. So even if you have to spend a few thousand dollars to fix something in the car, so what?

A good buying experience is important when buying a luxury car, which is why people buy these cars new. The new car buyer knows that the car will lose a big chunk of his investment the moment he drives it away, but buys it anyway because he wants the car. He is willing to pay big money because he likes the car. Once he works out the details he doesn't haggle.

The used car buyer, who is investing significantly less into this luxury car ought not haggle either, nor worry about problems with the car. Good buying experiences don't include strangers poking around the car and creating doubt and fear. A good buying experience is when you see a car that grabs you, you look it over slowly, drive it for a few minutes, and if you still like it, agree to buy it, get insurance for it and drive it away.

If you're going to worry about what can go wrong with the car, you've got the wrong car.


Alex Rosner
Member, NYC-Long Island Section
Member, MBCA Technology Committee

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