96 C220 Won't Start

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Hi Everone,
My C220 won't start. Previously it would not start once in a while or die out while driving. I replaced the fuel pump and relay and it still did the same thing. Now it won't start at all. I hear the relay click but the pump does not even come on at all even while cranking.

Anyone know what can be causing this? Shouldn't the pump go on for a few seconds regardless of any other problem or is it computer controlled?


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OVP Relay? We had even replaced my daughter's, and the replacement went bad!


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I'm having a similar problem with my 1996 C220 with 34,000 miles. Bought the car used at the beginning of this year with only 24,000 miles. The night I bought it I took it to a gas station and filled it up, which shortly became an exercise in panic as when I tried to start the car it cranked but refused to start. After 20 panic-stricten/furious minutes, it started as if nothing was wrong. Periodically throughout subsequent ownership it has done this perhaps a dozen times. Usually what I do is floor the gas while the engine keeps cranking and it eventually catches. This led me to think it might be a fuel line problem of some sort. Anyone have any ideas or experience the same thing? Glad to know I'm not alone!

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